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Supercharged commerce systems

At Orkiv we focus exclusively on building and implementing B2C eCommerce and B2B distribution systems.
For B2C we combine beautiful aesthetics and solid UI/UX skills to make superb mobile-optimized websites and mobile applications. From eCommerce websites interconnected with SAP, Quickbooks, and other marketplaces to multi-vendor marketplaces capable of connecting the world together, we've done it. Our quality and high-value drive clients who want to succeed and need the platform to do it upon.

Our B2B side has focused in to build a new-age distribution hub. dHub for short is the system for wholesalers and distributors or private label brands to bring your products to the world. We combine employees, vendors, inventory & warehouse management, picking/packing, customers, sales routes and last-mile delivery -- into an all-in-one automated distribution ecosystem. Offer customers a portal or mobile app to order on the go. Save 2100+ hours a year by providing employees with mobile apps to scan inventory, make sales on the go, update inventory or follow their route. Get paid and satisfy customers with invoices and barcodes printed on mobile printers built into the system. Reduce waste, and increase efficiency among each employee for a quick ROI. GetdHub.com


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