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Deeper Than Design or DevelopmentDid you know it takes about 50 milliseconds for a user to form an opinion about your website? At UX Studio, we design, develop and build solutions that instantly engage with your audience. We go much deeper than just design to develop a comprehensive, positive user experience. Numbers and quantitative data only tell half the story. Our digital marketing experts have 15 years of experience leveraging the power of logic and emotion. Part of our expertise in user experience includes developing customer personas for customized tactics that work. Branded Marketing & Advertising Strategies You've just launched your new website. What's next? UX Studio takes the guesswork out of search marketing, pay-per-click advertising, email and social media marketing. Our targeted marketing makes the most of your marketing dollars by attracting only the customers you want. You get regular reports, so you know exactly what your customers are doing and when. Support & Analytics How do you know your website is actually doing anything? How do you know your website is performing? UX Studio will give you detailed reports on clicks, page views, bounce rates ̶ and so much more. We apply analytics, metrics and KPIs to maximize your marketing budget and execute effective campaigns. UX Studio will improve traffic by decreasing bounce rate, increasing time on site, and optimize user experience by leveraging qualitative and quantitative data. Security and performance issues are also tracked and fixed. Each month, our experts will give you personal, customized consultations on how to improve user experience and fill your sales funnel. Without detailed monthly reports, your website is navigating without a compass.


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